Your neighbourhood Global Pet Foods store

  • Global Pet Foods is the largest Canadian-owned pet specialty retailer and we are proud to be Canadian! There are over 160 stores across Canada. The majority of our stores are independently owned and operated by people who live in your neighbourhood. Meet one of our franchisees, Renee Blake, who owns and operates three Global Pet Foods stores in Ontario (Burlington, Toronto, and Waterdown). Global Pet Foods is proud to have Renee as a member of the Global Pet Foods family!

    Renee Blake is one of our more seasoned Global Pet Foods franchisees, having joined our family in 1996 when she purchased the Global Pet Foods store in Waterdown. She subsequently purchased the Global Pet Foods store in Burlington, Ontario (Appleby Line) in 1999 and acquired her third Global Pet Foods store in Toronto (Bloor Street) in 2003. In the Fall of 2013, she relocated the Burlington store to a larger space in the same plaza and renovated it in order to provide her customer with a significantly better shopping experience, which now includes two self-serve dog washes and grooming. The Toronto Bloor store was also renovated to provide customers and the furry children with more room to shop and visit with the employees as well as one self-serve dog wash. Finally, the Waterdown store was also recently upgraded!

    Renee's decision to invest in the three Global Pet Foods stores was based on her passion for managing her own business and providing customers with assistance and product recommendations to help improve the healthy and overall life longevity of their companion pets. In the beginning, much of her drive was to find solutions for her own very allergic dog. She soon realized that she was not alone with this issue and developed a reputation for having natural solutions and alternative foods. Renee now travels from store to store frequently with her little dog, Logan.

    Renee's unwavering determination to provide her customers with "Best in Class" Service and local "hands-on" ownership is what sets her apart from many other small business owners. However, her efforts to create a unique and compelling in-store experience through the empowerment and development of her employees, is also evident when shopping in all three stores. Customers receive one-on-one consultations, and appropriate pet food and pet product and supply recommendations so that they are able to make healthy choices for their companion pets.

    Besides being fanatical about delivering excellent customer service, great product selection (both pet food and accessories & supplies), and the mentorship of her employees, you'll find that the environment in all three of her stores is quite fun and energetic. Renee enjoys life and works hard to make sure that everyone around her enjoys life too! Renee is also very active in supporting the three communities in Toronto, Waterdown, and Burlington. They are strong advocates for pet adoption and have built strong partnerships with a local rescue groups and pet shelters.

    Companion pets are near and dear to Renee's heart. Renee has an Alaskan Klee Kai named Logan and an elderly, 3 legged cat named Thumper, who are enjoying all of the benefits of being members of the Global Pet Foods Family!

    What's Renee's favourite part about being a Global Pet Foods franchisee? She says that she likes all aspects of the business and she loves being a part of the Global Pet Foods family. More importantly, she loves her customers and their pets. She caters to all pet parents and the one-on-one consultations with her customers are what she enjoys the most.